What We Do


We combine the hospitality you've come to expect with experiences beyond your wildest expectations.


Our Passion Pillars

Sharing passions is the center of everything we do. EMÁJYN excels in delivering unforgettable experiences across our 6 areas of expertise.


Music & Entertainment

Access to some of the most sought after talent in music, film, and TV, and the chance to experience the creative process firsthand.



Experience the world’s most exciting culinary destinations and the chance to work alongside renowned food and wine masters.


Fine Arts

Access to the world's greatest stages and most seasoned talent, from dance and art to fashion and theater.

F1 car


Experiences to get your heart pounding, from sporting events like F1 Racing to hiking some of the most remote parts of the world with professionals.



Access to individuals and companies changing our culture and the world economy through technology, politics, and societal change.



The opportunity to do good with your most valued relationships, in partnership the world’s most impactful philanthropic organizations.

Our Offerings


Corporate Retreats

White-glove, multi-day group excursions (30-300 attendees) for companies looking to promote greater retention and loyalty amongst their employees, clients, and referrals.


Executive Retreats

High-touch, multi-day, small group excursions (6-20 attendees) that allow you to share your passions with your most valued business relationships.


Corporate Events

End-to-end service for company-wide, large scale events that bring your brand to life in celebration of your employees and their achievements.


Private Concerts

Mid-to-large scale experiences (100-1000+ attendees) featuring hard-to-reach talent, uniquely curated culinary  programs, and award-winning environmental creative.


Entertainment Strategy

Planning and consulting services designed to maximize the return on your annual entertainment marketing spend.


Family Journeys

Small group (min 4 guests, aged 10+), multi-day immersive experiences designed to engage your family's passions.


Client Concierge

On demand 360° client entertainment planning, including dedicated staff and ongoing monthly and annual support.

Our Process


1. Personalized

Each bespoke event and excursion we create is designed with you in mind—your interests, your needs, your goals, your budget, your schedule—so we always start with a conversation. From there we carefully build out every detail for a stress-free planning experience with your input every step of the way.


2. Hands-On, Real-Time Support

While we integrate local experts and industry professionals into all of our itineraries—integrating into the local scene and culture is part of the magic—you’ll never be without EMÁJYN support. One of our travel experts will be on the ground with you, ready to answer any questions and address any unexpected needs that arise.


3. Unforgettable Experiences

We do all the planning and coordination, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Our journeys will take you behind the scenes of places you never thought you’d go, meeting talent you never thought you’d meet, and living out dreams you thought were impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMÁJYN?

EMÁJYN (uh-MA-jn) is a bespoke experience agency, specializing in executive level and VIP hospitality. Our focus area is ultimately culture – including music and entertainment, culinary, the arts, travel, as well as adventure, leadership and purpose.

Is EMÁJYN a travel agent?

We are not. The EMÁJYN team creates unique group excursions designed to expose you and your guests to experiences typically difficult to come by and often not available to the public. Every itinerary we create is different and customized for each individual client and their goals.

While we do have preferred relationships with hotels, resorts, charter services, and other partners similar to a travel agent, our white-glove services extend far beyond standard agent services to include creative ideation, talent buying, on-site staffing, and production (when applicable).

Does EMÁJYN book travel?

We typically describe our experiences as “Wheels Down to Wheels Up,” meaning we handle everything from the moment you arrive at your destination to when you leave, including private transport throughout the experience.

However, we do have preferred travel agent partners that can help with group flight coordination. Additionally, we handle private jet charters on behalf of clients, when needed/requested.

Do we need to have a destination selected before engaging EMÁJYN?

Absolutely not. In fact, most of our engagements begin with an exploration of recommended destinations for consideration, matching the best locale to your particular group needs and desired goals.

Will we have a say in the experience concepting and planning?

Absolutely. This is YOUR experience and you’ll have many opportunities to weigh in throughout the planning process. Much of our job is to iterate options for you to choose from, understand your preferences and design an experience(s) specifically catered to you and your guests.

Is on-site staff required for your experiences?

Yes, there will always be at least one EMÁJYN staffer on-site to ensure all aspects of your experience go seamlessly.

Does EMÁJYN sell experiences on a marketplace?

We do not. EMÁJYN works directly and privately with our clients.

Does EMÁJYN have cancellation policies?

Yes. Cancellation terms are clearly articulated and reviewed prior to contracting. In the event of cancellation, we make our best effort to recoup any deposits already paid to vendors and partners.

Do you ever create experiences for two guests, like anniversary trips?

We do not. EMÁJYN focuses on excursions and signature events for groups, allowing us to maximize experience opportunities and budgets across attendees.

What is typically your minimum group size for destination experiences?

Standard minimum is 6 guests for multi-day destination experiences, depending on budget (though we will make exceptions for family excursions).

For private concerts, do you handle production as well?

Yes, we handle all aspects of planning – from talent ideation and booking, to staffing, production, and execution.

Do you have creative production capabilities?

And then some. Our team has produced some of the largest, most creative events in the U.S. and can provide concepting, 3D rendering, graphic design, and custom fabrication services when needed.

Does EMÁJYN provide travel insurance and/or emergency evacuation services?

We are happy to connect you with our preferred travel insurance and emergency evacuation partners for a custom quote.

How do we get started?

We’re passionate about delving into your vision, values, and objectives, because that’s where our inspiration lies. Complete the form on our contact page with a few initial details, or email us at letsgetstarted@emajyn.com, and we’ll promptly be in touch.